Learn Mandarin Chinese, Mandarin Chinesisch Lernen, Aprendizaje de Chino
简介:Gurulu - Chinese Language Learning that Works Chinesischlernen das Funktioniert Aprendizaje de Chino que Funciona Gurulu helps non-native students learn the Chinese language more easily by employing algorithms that analyze the relationships between Chinese characters and words and how people learn them. This way Gurulu uses what students already know to teach them what they don’t yet know. Gurulu uses specially produced current affairs news-lessons about business, lifestyle, entertainment and culture.
Gurulu was started to make learning Chinese less difficult and to help people advance their Chinese as fast as possible. The Gurulu team consists of individuals who are passionate about Chinese and helping people learn this fascinating and incredibly useful language. Gurulu offers free trial premium accounts and affordable premium and HSK-Prep student accounts as well as a teacher account.