www.pcbasc.com ASCEN pcb separator / pcb cutting machine
简介:www.pcbasc.com ------------------------------------------------ ASCEN professional SMT Peripheral equipment since 2008. specializing the PCB separator PCB cutter PCB cutting machine. We mainly produce FPC punching cutting machine, LED cutting machine, PCB circuit board cutting machine, aluminum board cutting machine, lamp strip cutting machine, circuit board cutting machine, pneumatic type cutting machine, Feeding type cutting machine, automatic curve V-CUT, PCB/FPC punching mould and so on. Mainly used in mobile phone, home appliances, lighting and a variety of soft and hard PCB board in other related electronic industry, lamp, lamp belt, aluminum plate and other high-end electronic equipment. Aimed at improving productivity, reducing costs, improving the quality of the products.
www.pcbasc.com www.aliexpress.com/store/1377040 our main product are:SMT pick and place machine,SMT automatic labeling machine,Loader/Unloader machine,PCB Buffer Stocker,PCB Inverter SMT machine,Pneumatic PCB Punch Separator,Automatic ShuttleConveyor,conveyor,pcb cutting machine,V-cut machine,Reflow oven,smt solder paste printer,AGV car, v-grooving machine,conveyor roller,PCB lead wire cutter