Aerial Photography
简介:Balloon Aerial Photography Balloon aerial photography has all the necessary parts put together into a kit that includes everything you need to take photos or monitor from ground level to 300 meters or even higher. This certainly is the most cost efficient and safty way of getting photographs and videos done from high above. It is never crash,less be affected by wind,small fee on repair and maintain.More importance is --it can stay in air for few days not few minutes. There are many usages for balloon aerial photography equipment, to name a few: a)Real Estate–developments, neighbourhoods, estate homes, horse farms, ranches, shopping centres, progress views of construction projects, pre-construction floor views, land tract surveys b)State, county, municipal road and other development projects c)Environmental cleanup projects, archaeological sites, photo projects d)Roofing companies for roof top analysis (thermal) and post-construction photos e)monitor and seeking
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