Disney Junior 2013 Ident
简介:台灣迪士尼頻道推出全新時段Disney Junior,針對3-7歲的小朋友所安排; 以生動具啟發性的內容,提供生活化的學習並鼓勵小朋友開心唱歌、快樂玩耍、發揮無窮創造力。JL DESIGN從Disney Junior的頻道特點與 ”奇妙 從這裡開始”的slogen為出發設計出一系列ID。同時,在這6支ID的創意上,以一鏡到底的手持實拍鏡頭和小朋友第一人稱的角度來探索這個充滿奇妙、好玩又富想像力的世界。 與環境呼應的不同主題性3D製作,以新的材質、新的樣貌重新詮釋Disney Junior logo,太空篇的太空站、 帳棚篇的小恐龍、爆米香篇的禮物盒、鞦韆篇的棉花糖雲、踏水篇的小輪船與哈氣篇的彩色氣球,用繽紛的色彩和天馬行空的幻想力來表現Disney Junior ”奇妙 從這裡開始”。 Disney Junior now has its very own time slot on Disney Channel Taiwan. Targeting at audiences aged 3-7, the programs are lively and full of imagination, no wonder the pre-schoolers are learning and singing to the tune of Disney Junior’s slogan “Where the magic begins”. JL DESIGN takes inspiration from the slogan to create a series of idents that sees the world from a preschooler’s point of view and the settings are everyday scenes in Taiwan to emphasize that Disney Junior has finally arrived. From the preschooler’s eyes, the world is full of wonder. As they let their imagination run free, everyday scenes become a place where magic can take place, and the Disney Junior logo is also re-imagined to fit in with six different scenarios; taking on the characteristics of a space shuttle, dinosaurs, gift boxes, clouds, a ferry and happy shiny balloons. Credits: Creative Agency: JL DESIGN Creative Director: JL 羅申駿 Executive producer: Angela Moo 巫安琪 Project Manager: Macy Peng 彭梅娟 Art Director: Lance Wei 魏良恩 Designer: Hsiang Ju Huang 洪湘茹 Production Post Production VFX / Design company : WeFX STUDIO Project Manager: Johnny Yeh葉侑忠 VFX: Jack Yu游永杰/ Chia Chang張展嘉 Model & Shading: Kevin Huang黃啟銘/ Taylor Lin林子傑 Tracking: Seadog Tso左志中 Lighting: Aeolian Yang楊新林 Compositor: Seadog Tso左志中/ Bond Huang黃邦銓 Music: MUSDM 杰果音樂/ Rockid Lee 李銘杰
JL DESIGN is a hybrid creative studio in collaboration with some of the most imaginative directors, visual artists and production companies. We believe in creating a narration that is effective and innovative; skillfully told through branding, design, film, digital medium, or across different platforms. http://jl.design business@jldesign.tv