When Rhythm Moves Us (Harlem Hot Shots)
简介:WHEN RHYTHM MOVES US A film project made out of inspiration - For us to remember, create and to hopefully inspire. BACKGROUND Through film, many generations of dancers, their expressions, styles and routines are remembered and kept alive. Our studies and this project is our contribution to this tradition. Many steps and all the routines are traditional and created during the1930s-1950s. PARTS Improvisation and choreography makes the different chapters in this film. Choreographies are filmed not only for sharing our favorite routines, but also to share an idea about expressions, style and rhythm based dancing. By sharing we hope to inspire others to follow their own unique voice, style and passion. AESTHETICS This project is a collaboration between Harlem Hot Shots - Stockholm, Karl Torstensson (Director), Hanna Kriisa (Director of Photography). Aesthetics was formed through a mash up inspired by simplicity, old school light design and todays modern film techniques. Modern high quality cameras was used with 1960s lenses to create highest quality photage with softer contrast and definition. Room and lights are inspired by Spirit Moves by Mura Dehn (1940s). No distractions, only pure dancing.
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